A Legacy Born From Passion

At 1st Form Restorations, we are more than just a construction company; we are a legacy built on trust, expertise, and a deep-rooted passion for bringing visions to life. Jeremy and Wally Clyce, the father and son duo behind this vision, have crafted a story that bridges continents, infusing the allure of tropical landscapes with the integrity of Texan craftsmanship.


Wally: Years of Expertise

Wally Clyce, an SMU graduate and Dallas resident, has been shaping skylines since the 1970s. With over 50 years in construction experience and design planning, he stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. His designs are not just structures but a reflection of dreams built brick by brick.

Jeremy: From Texas to Tropics

Growing up on job sites in the Park Cities, Jeremy is no stranger to construction. During his senior year at Texas Tech University he participated in a study abroad program to complete his Spanish minor while completing his Business Communications degree. The mesmerizing beaches and sun kissed landscapes were so captivating that he decided to move back to Costa Rica after graduation from Texas Tech University to start a tour company.

After successfully operating the company for five years he sold it and moved into real estate with a partner. They acquired the Century 21 franchise and after a few years of selling other people’s properties, Jeremy decided it was time to create and sell his own homes. He created a construction company and decided to start building vacation homes alongside his father Wally, who was the principal designer for these beautiful, tropical dream homes.


Crafting Costa Rican Dreams

In the heart of the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica, Jeremy and Wally embarked on a new venture: crafting luxury vacation homes. These weren’t just any homes; they were masterpieces, each telling a story of dedication, passion, and luxury. Each house, with a price tag of over $1M, stood as a testament to their unmatched expertise. As Jeremy fondly recalls, “They were all bad-ass houses. Selling them was always bittersweet – but as homebuilders, we’d buy a lot, build, sell, and repeat. It was a golden phase until the market challenges of 2007.”

One of the most cherished creations was Casa Playa Vista. It wasn’t just a house but a reservoir of memories. It was here that Jeremy’s daughter learned to swim, capturing moments that the Clyce family would cherish forever.

Homecoming and New Beginnings

As moments turned to memories in Costa Rica, the pull of home was strong. The Clyce family returned to the US, bringing a treasure trove of experiences. This homecoming marked the inception of 1st Form Restorations, a venture that combined their international experiences with their Texan roots.

Today, as 1st Form Restorations, this father-son duo is redefining the remodeling industry. We’re not just building homes; we’re curating experiences. From inspiration to installation, we promise to bring your vision to life, ensuring every brick, every beam, and every design resonates with your dreams.


We are Proud of the Feedback We have Received Over the Years

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